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Some time back, people just started saying things like well, nobody reads anything anymore.

That’s just not true, and the data proves it.

The more written words on websites, the more content depth (amount of relevant content) and content rollover (the more often new content is created and published on websites) the more quality web traffic and the more leads businesses get. Period.

Stale content and not enough web copy or blogs = less at bats to drive customer acquisition.

What the people with the opinions about “nobody reading anything anymore” actually should have said, that would have been accurate, is “some people want to watch instead of read, and others want to listen instead of read or watch.”

Others want to read when they can, watch when they can, and listen when they can’t read or watch.

The data has told us recently not only that more and more consumers are listening to podcasts, but that businesses with podcasts, and Alexa Flash Briefings (short daily or weekly podcasts on top of Alexa-enabled devices), are driving more qualified EVERYTHING (awareness on social media, leads to their website and most importantly, businesses with podcasts are driving the right kinds of customers.