THE GOALS is a perfect example of a few different key things, one or all of which your business is likely to relate to.

1. Using data to improve SEO and website engagement each year.

The first year we started working with MOHR Retail, the goal was to implement our SEO best practices checklist for WordPress sites and measure improvements in search engine visibility and ranking, as well as an increase in traffic from SEO. Then, we looked at competitive data and how to improve the top pages on their website from a design standpoint. In year two, we did it again, highlighting top performing content, reworking the main navigation, and creating a non-intrusive exit-intent lead generation pop-up.

2. Inheriting a pre-existing WordPress website and gradually improving its front end and backend over time rather than overhauling it right away.

The easiest thing for web design agency to do, is get a client with a big budget, and redo everything from scratch. But very few companies have the budget to do that anymore. It's more realistic to make gradual improvements over time, but that presents its own set of challenges. Often times, WordPress developers who inherit websites struggle with themes and plug-ins chosen by others previous to them. We attack this one step at a time, first by installing our page builder, the Data Driven Designer, then eventually deactivating the theme and replacing it with our theme, based on Beaver Builder.

3. Voice-enabling it for Alexa and Google Assistant using our WordPress Plug-in, The Voice Designer. More than 500 million people use Alexa and Google Assistant, and businesses need "voice-based versions" of their website content so they can be found / discovered in voice searches.


"We’ve been working with Data Driven Design and their name says it all. They used data to review and make updates to our site, worked with our Marketing team to strengthen our position via SEO. We have seen upwards of a 20% increase in web traffic and aren’t stopping there. They are a trusted resource with innovative ideas and a great perspective on how to get your site to work more productively to drive business."



Increase in Overall Website Traffic
Increase in Overall SEO Impressions
Increase in Total Clicks from SEO



The WordPress websites my team and I build use our custom WordPress plug-in, The Voice Designer, to voice-activate our clients' WordPress websites for Alexa and Google Assistant.

All Websites should be built with WordPress, and all Websites should be voice-activated for Alexa and Google Assistant, using The Voice Designer.