We built a brand new WordPress Website for our client, who had just launched a new business and needed to rank high on Google for several important keywords.

Using our SEO Best Practices Checklist, explained in this video, we were able to help get our client ranking on Google for important key phrases within months - on a brand new website that Google had never seen before!

Like all of our websites, we chose a Data Driven layout and designed several solid interior pages to accompany the beautiful homepage - all of which can be edited by our client using our Data Driven Designer WordPress theme.

Of course, our clients can update every aspect of content in WordPress, including the voice-activated content for Alexa and Google Assistant.

More than 500 million people in the world use Alexa and Google Assistant. WordPress powers more than 75 million websites (more than 35% of all websites manage their content using WordPress).

This is why we Voice activate all of our clients' websites, using our premium WordPress plug-in, The Voice Designer.


"The entire team at Data Driven Design helped my small company navigate building a new website. I really appreciated their approach to studying our competitors' strengths and weaknesses in context of analytical data to thoughtfully design our web presence. Don't let the name fool you, their creative attention to our website's form was also incredibly impactful. One of the things I liked about working with the team from a functional standpoint was their ability to make me feel like their only client around those stressful launch deadlines. I know I'm not their only client, but I sincerely felt like I was."



Increase in Overall Website Traffic
Increase in Overall SEO Keyword Ranking
Increase in Online Sales



The WordPress websites my team and I build use our custom WordPress plug-in, The Voice Designer, to voice-activate our clients' WordPress websites for Alexa and Google Assistant.

All Websites should be built with WordPress, and all Websites should be voice-activated for Alexa and Google Assistant, using The Voice Designer.