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How To Generate Leads With Your Alexa Skill and Google Action Voice Apps

I’m very excited to talk to you about how to generate leads via your Alexa Skill or Google Action voice apps.

How To Set Up An Amazon Alexa Developer Account

Ready to start building Alexa Skills for your business? The first thing you need is an account with the Amazon Alexa Developer Console. This tutorial shows you how to get one.

How To Set Up Funnel Visualizations In Google Analytics

On an earlier video I was asked to breakdown Google Analytics Funnel Visualization. Here goes. I hope this helps.

How To Set Up Taxes In WordPress WooCommerce

Today I’m gonna show you how to set up taxes in your WooCommerce store. So right now, you probably go to the shop page and look to checkout for an item and you may not see tax in the checkout. You see shipping, but you don’t see tax.

Google Ads Provides Credit To Businesses In Need Due To COVID 19

Google Ads has issued a credit for businesses that need COVID-19 relief.

How To Pull Transcriptions From YouTube Videos

What’s the best way to transcribe your audio or video content into blog form for free?

How To Run Instagram Ads To Your Profile

How do you create ads on Instagram to drive users to your Instagram profile? That’s a little bit different.

I Don’t Really Know What To Say. But I Know How I Feel. And I Can’t Say Nothing.

How To Add Google Remarketing Tags To Your WordPress Website

Google Ads is likely far more powerful than you think. 🙂

It used to be about “grabbing the remarketing tag” and putting it on your website, so that you can create an audience of website visitors and target them specifically with ads.

How To Share Access To Your Google Ads Account

There are many reasons for marketers and business owners to share access to their Google Ads account, and now Google Ads has made it easier than ever.

How To Find Lost Facebook Business Page Admin Invites

Tricky little Facebook Business Manager. Where do the invites go when you try to add someone as an admin to your Facebook Business Page or Facebook Ads Account?

How To Save Time Publishing YouTube Videos By Using Default Channel Settings

Every single second of time is super important to small business owners and marketers.

How To Set Up Google Ads And Run Smart Campaigns

As a web developer and digital strategist, I’ve worked with hundreds of businesses over the last 15 years, and just about every single one has either asked me about Google Ads or paid me to run a campaign for them or show them how to set up a campaign.

How To Change Your Facebook Business Page URL

Business Owners and Marketers, are you struggling trying to find how to create a marketing friendly Facebook URL?

How To Connect Your Business Instagram Account To Your Facebook Business Manager

connect your Instagram Business Account To Your Facebook Business Manager Account so you can run Instagram Ads via your Facebook Ads account.

How To Fix WordPress “Sorry That Page Doesn’t Exist” Sudden Error

I’ve used WordPress for almost 15 years now, and I’ve never seen the frequency of random “Sorry, That Page Doesn’t Exist” error.

How To Make The Image I Want From My Website Show In My Social Media Post

Hello WordPress Content Managers, Content Marketers and yes, that means you too Business Owners! Are you frustrated by the fact that Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media outlets don’t always show the correct featured image when you embed/post a link from your WordPress website?

How I Decided To Run My Business During The COVID 19 Pandemic

The end of Q1 2020 represents a time not only when the world changed, but business forever changed. All businesses, large and small, were forced to immediately look in the mirror and make very tough business decisions.

Trying Not To Judge Each Other’s Experiences

The details don’t matter as much as the overall punchline: Now, more so than ever, we really don’t know what’s going on with each other, unless we communicate, without judgement.

As business owners and marketers, let’s also try to extend this lack of judgement to ourselves.

Digital Tools Useful For COVID-19 Updates

As many businesses around the world get ready to reopen / change store services, hours, etc., there are a few key tools I encourage business owners and marketers to be aware of and not lose sight of.

Updates From Spain: Episode 2 – Living and Working In Quarantine

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