It's not every day you can team up to increase web traffic by 149% and boost website engagement by 99%, but the proof is in the data. The data driven website redesign for National Pro Fastpitch accomplished the goal of the women's pro sports league engaging their fanbase.

Another huge issue that needed to be solved was the fact that the client did not have access to update their previous website, and was handcuffed to a proprietary Content Management System (CMS) built by their previous vendor.

This was causing them to have to dig into their pocketbook for simple changes.

So Data Driven Design showed them our WordPress content management capabilities and philosophy: All clients should be able to update every aspect of the content on their website.

With multiple games every night from May through September, this was definitely a big need for the client, and we made it happen.

We also added an eCommerce store, using WooCommerce.

Not only that, but constantly looking at which pages the fanbase was most interested in helped us voice-activate the 10,000 plus page website for Alexa and Google Assistant, using our WordPress plug-in, The Voice Designer.

Don't worry, the Alexa Skill and Google Action don't have 10k plus pieces of content, that would be ridiculous. The custom voice apps only have the top five pieces of content that the data shows the fanbase is interested in, and of course, the voice designer allows the client to update the content regularly from the backend of the WP Admin Dashboard.



"Working with Paul Hickey and his staff at Data Driven Design was really a blessing! They were easy to work with, knowledgable and very patient. They listened to our needs and asked us good questions. They made it look easy."



Increase in Overall Website Traffic
Increase in Overall Website Engagement



The WordPress websites my team and I build use our custom WordPress plug-in, The Voice Designer, to voice-activate our clients' WordPress websites for Alexa and Google Assistant.

All Websites should be built with WordPress, and all Websites should be voice-activated for Alexa and Google Assistant, using The Voice Designer.