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Why would you choose a small, scrappy team of Sr. Level Strategists to redesign your website?

Data Driven Design specializes on an opinion-free process, instead using data to design and execute digital marketing strategies, web design and development, custom software and voice applications. Strategically saving on the overhead cost of a large, fancy office with beer on tap, Data Driven Design has strategically chosen to be a fully distributed remote work team based out of Nashville, TN with all senior level full time dedicated employees.

  • We’re not perfect.

  • We don’t have opinions.

  • We have experience.

  • We use data to drive results.

We Get It.

we’re not the only show in town.

We get it. We know you can hire any high schooler or college kid to build you a website on the cheap.

We’re also aware of the fact that there are really inexpensive website builder services like, and even GoDaddy.

The fact is that most of our clients came to us after having horrible experiences with cheap services, unreliable service providers, dodgy freelancers, hidden fees, and projects that just took too long with no results.

Here’s A Little Story About Why We Became Data Driven

Once upon a time, a client had a friend over for dinner…

In 2011, I had just finished up a large website project with a reputable company, or so I thought. After months of working together, the website was done and ready to go live. On the eve of the launch, the CEO happened to have a friend over for dinner.

Excited and proud, he showed his friend the new website, set to go live in the morning.

Well, we all got an email asking us to come into the office first thing the next morning. The Website launch was on hold.

The CEO’s friend had some “opinions” that the CEO believed we needed to address.

The basis of his friend’s “opinions,” you ask? Well, he had a background in food packaging design, and somehow thought that our website wouldn’t get anyone’s attention who was passing through the frozen food section at a supermarket.


Not only was it so far out of context and irrelevant, but it was solely based on what he felt something should look like, NOT based on any kind of data analysis, or understanding of the actual target audience, buyer personas, sales cycle of the business, or digital user experience.

Now, before you think I’m just being emotional, the facts are that this CEO decided to waste all his money and time that we had all spent working together on the new website, completely scrap it, and continue to pour 2-3 times as much money into continuing the web development product for another 1-2 years. A ridiculous business decision.

He wasted time. He wasted money. He wore people out.

Opinions waste time. Opinions waste money. Opinions kill productivity. Opinions hurt feelings.

Data provides proof. Data unites committees. Data breeds productivity. Data doesn’t lie.

From that day forward I vowed never to build another website or digital strategy NOT based on data. 

And that is how we became Data Driven.

Our Differentiators

  • 1. Data.

    Data Prevents Problems and Breeds Productivity.

    Data Doesn’t Hurt Feelings. Opinions do. While “designers and creatives” have been labeled as “emotional” based on how people react to their creations – feedback based on data doesn’t hurt feelings.

    We haven’t really chosen to be defined by data, we’ve just chosen to be productive over being unproductive, and data is our tool to get there, on all of our engagements.

  • 2. Staying Ahead Of The Client.

    We strive to Answer the question before it’s asked.

    In the relentless, never-ending pursuit of becoming the best client services company, period – we have a differentiator at Data Driven Design, something we call “Staying Ahead Of The Client.”

    We strive to Anticipate, Research and Communicate.

  • 3. Response Time.

    Waiting for a reply from your service provider sucks.

    To be fully transparent, if we haven’t addressed your inquiry or correspondence related to an active project or issue during the same business day that it was received, we have failed, and we owe you an apology.

    We may not always have all the answers right away, but most of the time we do, and our response time is second to none. 

  • 4. ROI Focus.

    We don’t just care that we make money. We care that you do too.

    As it relates to a Web Design and Development project, there are dozens of companies you can hire that will build you a website.

    As I’ve said before, a 14 year old could build you a website.

    But not many web design companies or digital agencies – and certainly not any 14 year olds – would care about the investment you’re making in your company, and want to show you how to understand the return on investment (ROI) that a new website will get, and has gotten your small business or or mid-size level brand’s marketing department.

    Our #4 differentiator, ROI-Focus, is something our team talks about constantly. Your money matters, and we take your investment with us seriously, to the point where we provide you with a custom Alexa Skill that allows you to “Ask Data Driven Design” how your web traffic is doing free for six months following your initial project.

  • 5. Business Strategy.

    We strive to understand your business better than you do.

    Whether you’re looking for a Web Design and Digital Marketing agency, or your business is performing these services in-house, it’s super important not to lose sight of your business strategy.

    Build with purpose.

    Don’t get caught up in “fancy.” As a creative/marketer, it’s easy to get caught up in how “perfect” things look, how “clever” or “funny” you’re being, or how close to winning an award you might be.

  • 6. We Love Change.

    Let’s be clear.

    Change means opportunity. We embrace the ever changing world we live in.

    We are transparent about about the fact that we are ALWAYS “figuring $h!t out” and haven’t ever done “this exact thing.”

    The world changes by the fucking minute, and anyone who expects us to “have already done everything,” is insane.

    Wow. How’s that for full transparency, clients? It’s true, we don’t know everything, but anyone who tells you “oh yeah, we’ve done this EXACT thing before,” is either lying or delusional, because things, details, factors that can be costly to your business if not handled correctly by a team like ours that embraces change – are constantly changing.

    Businesses that don’t embrace change will lose. They will not get better, because they will become lazy and less valuable.

When you go with Data Driven Design, you are guaranteed to get a team that focuses on the following principles and differentiators related to your engagement and relationship with us.

Our Principles

  • 1. It’s Personal.

    Always Put Yourself In The Client’s Shoes.

    Too many agencies have BS jokes about clients, make fun of clients behind their backs, and waste so much time trying to get clients to see things the agency’s way or force the paying customer into their process.

  • 2. Momentum Is Everything.

    Strive to be proactive and look to create momentum.

    I think where most digital agencies start to fail without realizing it is that they don’t prepare well enough. Being unprepared means being super slow. Being behind and being slow obviously means you can’t be fast.

    Fast = SPEED. SPEED does NOT mean the opposite of quality.

    Speed comes from being proactive, and from being prepared. Months and years of preparation create momentum.

    Momentum creates more and more opportunities for your business.

  • 3. Do What You Said You Were Going To Do.

    Communication and follow-up are our best friends.

    There are always factors outside of our control, but we do what we said we were going to do. We realize all of our clients are expecting to hear from us every day, and that resonates throughout all of our actions.

    This one seems simple, but if you’ve ever worked with another digital agency before, you know as well as we do, that this one can’t be taken for granted.

  • 4. Be Likable.

    We are not perfect, it’s okay to make mistakes. But we strive to be likable in the process.

    We strive to limit our mistakes, and own up to them when they happen. We strive to be relatable and LISTEN better than we talk.

  • 5. Bring Value.

    Be the subject matter expert.

    At Data Driven Design, we bring WAY MORE VALUE than what you’d expect. Our team understands digital strategy and how to reach your target audience to help you grow your business. We also use data to drive the best possible conversion rates in your industry, and constantly strive to know and understand your business’ marketing better than you do.

    No matter the digital subject, we are your subject matter experts.

    As you make your choice to pick your next web design agency or digital marketing company, whether it’s them or us, keep in mind our company principles and look for them in your next partner.

  • 6. Don’t Overthink It.

    Sometimes Agencies Overcomplicate Things.

    And that’s when projects take longer and cost more money.

    At Data Driven Design, we strive to not be “muckers.”

    Muckers are people who love to Muck Around, overanalyze and try to always be perfect.

    We realize, honestly, that it’s never going to be perfect. Whatever “IT” is, a digital strategy, a website, or a software application – it’s always going to need continuous refinement and improvement.

    So when we all realize that’s the case, as a team, and as a unit with our clients and their teams, we can embrace imperfection and we can just get started.

  • 7. No Blockers.

    It’s all mindset.

    For those of you not familiar, a “blocker” is a term that big agencies use during internal “stand-up meetings” to basically make excuses for why work isn’t getting done.

    Picture groups of 3-10 employees standing around for 15 minutes at the beginning of their day, talking their status update on one or more projects.

    One of the questions asked from project managers to developers is “what are your blockers?”

    It’s basically a way for a developer or designer to give a project manager an excuse that the agency can take back to the client and put back in the clients’ court as to why the work that the client is paying for isn’t getting done.

    So to be clear, we don’t do that at Data Driven Design.

    We push forward for our clients to help them solve their problems before they even know they have a problem. And if we’re not doing that, WE’RE IN THE WRONG, and we own up to it.

    We know that when we don’t keep he project moving, it’s at risk of all falling apart.

    We want our clients to get the most value, and we push things forward.


    We are only interested in people with this mindset working at Data Driven Design. Whatever it takes, get the work done for the client. Right or wrong, it’s how we operate and it’s what works for us.


The economic impact of Q1 2020 hit us hard, so we had to go lean. Data Driven Design is currently Paul and Kate Hickey, as well as a team of trusted contractors that we’ve worked with for years.

Relationships are everything to us. We will get your project done Quick, with Quality and Low Cost.

Paul Hickey


Kate Hickey

Director of Operations / Digital Strategist