Our client is a start-up sports card company who needed a Multi-Vendor Marketplace for multiple sellers to sign up and sell products on the secondhand sports card market. Here is how we did it.

The goal was to create an eBay-like marketplace for Sports Card collectors to buy and sell their graded sports cards and sealed wax boxes and packs.

On a start-up budget, our client collaborated with us to use a suite of WordPress plug-ins that connect with WooCommerce to create a Multi-Vendor Marketplace, which basically means that each seller can sign-up to sell their items, and when they're purchased, the website automatically pays our client a transaction fee, and the seller gets a deposit into their bank account. The buyer of course, gets their item from the seller. This is different from a typical eCommerce store in that it keeps reports and communications between each seller (vendor / store) and not only our client, but the seller's buyer.

On top of that, we needed to voice-activate the WordPress website for Alexa and Google Assistant, while allowing our client to manage all content, including the Alexa Skill and Google Action, from the backend of the WordPress website.


Increase in Overall Website Traffic
Increase in Overall Website Engagement



The WordPress websites my team and I build use our custom WordPress plug-in, The Voice Designer, to voice-activate our clients' WordPress websites for Alexa and Google Assistant.

All Websites should be built with WordPress, and all Websites should be voice-activated for Alexa and Google Assistant, using The Voice Designer.