We are a digital agency that builds Google Actions, voice applications built on top of Google Assistant, allowing businesses to be more efficient and effective at both reaching new audiences and serving current stakeholders.

The growth of Google Assistant continues to grow rapidly. More than 300 million people use Google Assistant.

Where do you think your business would rank in a Voice-based search on Google Assistant?

Investing in a Google Action can get you at the top for your business' focus keywords.

Can People Find Your Business On Google Assistant?


Here are some of the top things businesses are using Google Assistant for...

Google Actions are the new websites. For several years, the data has been telling us that users are adopting voice assistants, like Google Assistant.

Our Case Studies walk you through how Google Actions we can build for your business at a low fee to get your business into the Google Actions Directory where users can find you and interact with your business.

And keep in mind, unlike traditional content marketing, these Google Actions allow you to research, learn, interact and take action while multitasking, in meetings, on the go, while working out, walking the dog, feeding the family or even safely driving.

What if we told you how building a Voice Application for Google Assistant could help you grow your eCommerce business? Well, it can. This example, Hey Google, talk to Wellthy Nutrition, features a customized / personalized product quiz, that tells you what products will work best for you based on how you answer the quiz questions.

Voice Unboxing experiences are also something we're building for clients. Narrate your eCommerce brand's unboxing experience yourself via Google Assistant as your client opens their package from you.

What is the difference between Google Assistant and Alexa?

Google is the king of search, and Business owners are only semi-interested in getting their brand name as an opening invocation, but rather far more interested in reserving a valuable keyword as their opening invocation.

This is something that business owners see as a "voice domain name" on Google Assistant.

Yes, it is possible to reserve a "domain name" on Google Assistant. How do you reserve your voice app's opening phrase on Google?

The technical way to ask this would be "how do I create an opening invocation on Google Actions?"

Makes sense when you think about it.

If I can have my Google Action start when someone says "Hey Google, let's talk digital marketing" I can in theory drive more brand awareness for Data Driven Design by "dominating" this phrase in voice search.

This is called "Google Action Whitelabeling" and this video shows you how to do it.

This is a main difference between Alexa Skills and Google Actions. Google Assistant only allows one Action to have an invocation name, while Alexa allows more than one Skill to have the same invocation name.

What is the difference between Google Assistant and Alexa?


Google Assistant Devs

Unlike Alexa, Google Assistant comes pre-installed on all Android Phones, AND it's available on iOS devices. Therefore, it is getting used often, and has high numbers.

When it comes to Voice User Experience Design of Google Actions, it's important to take into account that it works very well on the smartphone devices themselves, allowing the user to navigate via voice or typing, without a "wake word" like "Hey Google."

What is the difference between Google Assistant and Alexa?


Another major difference between Google Actions and Alexa Skills is that Google Assistant won't allow Voice User Interface Designs to insert video inside Actions.

As you can see in this example, photos can be used as visuals, but no video is allowed.

Alexa allows VUI Designers to do this using Alexa Presentation Language.

We suspect Google Assistant doesn't allow this because Google owns YouTube, and wants users to simply ask Google Assistant to play videos on YouTube, which it does nicely.

What is the difference between Google Assistant and Alexa?


One of the things we like best about Alexa, and one of the biggest reasons we're bullish about it for business, is because of Alexa for Business, which allows you to publish Private Skills, and invite as many users as you want into access them.

Google Assistant does not allow you to do this.

You can build Actions local to your device and use them as private Actions, but that's very different than being able to have an entire organization use a voice app as an intranet or interactive private podcast, for example.


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