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Carlos Zavaleta
Carlos Zavaleta
Jennifer Luckett
Jennifer Luckett
Paul and his team have been instrumental in helping me understand the basics and importance of digital marketing. I was a student in the Data Driven Academy and followed up with a solo session because I found the information so useful. I would highly recommend working with Data Driven Design!
Todd Herman
Todd Herman
I've worked with Paul for a long time and the one thing that stands out most is how personally invested Paul becomes in the people, projects, and challenges he takes on. I trust him to take care of digital needs like they are his own; and he delivers. As the leader of Data Driven Design you are in good hands with this team!
Josh Goodwin
Josh Goodwin
Knowledge - Energy - Honesty - Results What more could you ask for? Data Driven Design led by Paul and Kate Hickey give every business the tools they need to be at the top of their industry. Data Driven Academy should be a requirement for the marketing department of every business and company out there. Nobody does a better job teaching the secrets to success.
Courtenay D. Rogers
Courtenay D. Rogers
Data Driven Design does thoughtful and relevant work in the digital space and they are a pleasure to work with on projects from websites to SEO. They are affordable and meet deadlines while communicating updates on a timely manner. Paul and his team are impressive.
Chance Strickland
Chance Strickland
You won't find a harder working guy to work with than Paul Hickey. His passion for the work and his drive to serve clients makes him a powerful partner for any business.
Van Tucker
Van Tucker
Who makes decoding the mysterious algorithms that can make or break a small business not only accessible but dare we say, FUN? Data Driven Design!!
Misty Ball Scurlock
Misty Ball Scurlock
As a not-for-profit senior living manager, it's important that we allocate all marketing dollars wisely. Just as important is choosing the right companies to spend our budget with. The company must be responsive, knowledgeable, and willing to listen to any concerns or changes. Data Driven Design is all this and more. We have not only received great response with our online campaigns, we have received excellent service from Katie and Paul!
Emily Anderson Saul
Emily Anderson Saul
My company has worked with Data Driven Design for over 3 years. They are quick to answer any questions that we have a truly give a personal touch to each design. They are reasonably priced and stay current with all of the digital changes. Great company and great people!
Laura Howard
Laura Howard
Jamie Dunham
Jamie Dunham
Paul Hickey stays in my top 10 favorite people list. His team are excellent developers, SEO monsters and problem solvers. Starting with the data is such a sound concept. He is also generous with his knowledge. We have done some pretty amazing sites together and I have recommended him frequently. Aside from his rap, he's a pretty cool guy! 😎😎
Paul Jankowski
Paul Jankowski
Paul, Kate and company have been a huge part of our business for several years. I lost count of how many projects they've completed for us and our diverse clients at New Heartland Group. In a sea of sameness and over speak and techno-babble, Data Driven has empathy for their clients and the digital chops to get it done. Oh, if it's not totally perfect, they are always available to make it right. Stop reading all of these reviews and hire them already!
Karen Robbins
Karen Robbins
Paul Hickey and his team are amazing partners to Stewart Transportation. From the first encounter with our web redesign in 2013 to present, every engagement has been exceptional. Paul listens, coordinates and delivers every expectation and then some. His company has been our partner on web redesign, rapid response form development, logo refresh and now our social media and marketing team is learning with DDD in the Data Driven Design Academy! Awesome company, awesome results and a lot of fun to boot! Thanks, Paul!
Emily Sandberg Gold
Emily Sandberg Gold
Great web design agency. I feel comfortable referring my clients to Paul and his team. They're always well taken care of. And their bounce rates lower! And traffic goes up! And all the fun data improves. Great team!
Rachal Dollard
Rachal Dollard
Sean Hager
Sean Hager
After attending the Data Driven Academy classes, I will say that I feel much more capable with social media and digital marketing. The processes that I learned have produced immediate results for our non-profit thrift store. Paul and team make the process fun and accessible. I would highly recommend their services!
Rachel Ryan
Rachel Ryan
Great class on Google Analytics! Very informative and will certainly help me optimize our website data moving forward!
Zibby Crawford
Zibby Crawford
If you want creativity and the latest and greatest in SEO this team will deliver!
Kate 'Herring' Hickey
Kate 'Herring' Hickey
Prices and service are unbeatable. Data Driven doesn't disappoint.
Paul Hickey
Paul Hickey
The hardest working, friendliest group of people. Data Driven Design has your back. Easily the brightest and best digital marketing minds you'll find anywhere.

Our Belief

The thing about Google Analytics is that the more complicated you make it on yourself, the less likely you are to ever use it. The number one thing about Google Analytics just at a practical standpoint is that nobody actually uses it. They put the code on their website. They feel good about having the code on their website, and then they walk away and never check it. The thing I want for all of you is to want to check in on it every month. So I encourage you to keep it at the simplest possible level and focus on a few metrics each month that can help your business. I want you to want to check in on it every month. The more you create work for yourself, the less likely you are to ever use it as a tool to help your business.




  • User Personas
  • Demographics & Interest Reports
  • Content Personalization


  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Content Creation
  • Interactive Asset Creation


  • Wordpress Web Development
  • Wordpress Custom Theme Development
  • Wordpress Plug-in Development


  • SEO / Search Engine Optimization
  • SEM / Google Adwords / PPC
  • Social Media Campaigns & Targeted Advertising


  • Managed WordPress Web Hosting
  • 24 / 7 Support
  • Nightly Back-ups


  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Product Variations & Customizations
  • Shipping and Accounting Integration


  • A/B Testing
  • Heatmapping
  • Visitor Recordings
  • Video Lead Generation


  • PR Story Building
  • Quality Link Building
  • Content Partnerships


  • List Segmentation
  • User Profile Building
  • Strategic Campaign Deployment


  • Business Intelligence Flash Reports
  • Channel Analysis
  • Data Driven Next Steps


Paul Hickey

CEO / Lead Strategist

Kate Hickey

Social Media & Digital Strategist

Joe Wallace


Bailey Robbins

Content Strategist

Chris Toomajanian

Web Developer / Digital Strategist

Kevin Sparkman

Digital Strategist


We have successfully designed, built, launched, improved and hosted more than 500 websites since 2007. Request to see work examples by filling out the form below.


Web Design, Analytics, SEO and Social Media Marketing Insights.

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Founder and Lead Strategist

Paul Hickey

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