While we pride ourselves on being super fast, sometimes the best things take the longest to launch.

In this case, owner of Wellthy Nutrition, Dan Cox and I, took about two years for this idea to fully come to fruition.

We knew we wanted to build custom voice application experiences for both Alexa and Google Assistant for his eCommerce fitness and wellness brands Metcon and Wellthy, but we didn't know exactly what the best experience would be.

So unlike what we normally do, we marinated on it for a LONG TIME. But to Dan's credit, he committed to investing in a "product recommendation Quiz for Wellthy," one that not only scores a quiz just by answering questions on Alexa or Google Assistant, but also can gather user information (with their permission, of course), and store the information in a database to remarket to the user with special product promo codes.

This is one of the first true eCommerce experience enhancers for Alexa and Google Assistant, and this is just the beginning.

Since ImWellthy.com is a Shopify site, we couldn't use The Voice Designer, so we took advantage of Voiceflow's features related to logic, variable capturing and more.

In fact, I had to work directly with the Voiceflow team to get this one published on Google Assistant, due to the recent changes with Dialogflow.

I highly encourage you to watch the video on this page to get an idea of the full experience, or just say "Alexa, launch Wellthy Nutrition," or "Hey Google, talk to Wellthy Nutrition."


"Paul and the team have been amazing to work with. They have developed 2 Alexa Skills for my companies and we are currently working on another Alexa Skill and Google Home Action. They have been a huge resource and are an incredible team to work with."



These Custom Voice Apps were carefully planned through an extensive Voice User Interface Design Process.

They were developed using Voiceflow, and use logic to score the eCommerce product recommendation quiz, and use variables to store user information for lead generation remarketing.