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What Is The Data Driven Apprenticeship Program?

If you’re looking to learn digital strategy, content creation, web design and development and even software development from the best experts available, the Data Driven Apprenticeship Program is for you.

Who Are We?

Data Driven Design started by offering high quality, conversion-optimized marketing sites for clients. After a few years of delivering value in that arena, our clients started asking for help with their mobile apps, back-office software, and other custom web application needs. And now that area of the business needs your help to keep up with client demand.

We are a small, fully remote team. Though most of our team is based in Nashville, our CEO lives in Spain, our VP of Client Services is in Miami, and our CTO is now back in East Nashville after living in a motorhome, traveling North America. So, we don’t really care where you live & work; we just want to help you deliver value to our clients at your highest level.

Are you changing careers?

We know it’s not easy to learn new skills and become valuable to a new employer. Data Driven Design’s team will teach you real life digital strategy skills that are applicable to any industry or vertical. We also give you access to our client and partner relationship network to expand your possible placement possibilities for a new full-time job after completing our apprenticeship program.

Or Graduating Soon?

Learn Employable Skills For Any Industry

Maybe you’re preparing to graduate a program or recently graduated, but have no idea what you want to do or simply don’t have the required “professional experience” yet? Data Driven Design’s Apprenticeship program guarantees you will have real life experience working on projects related to: social media content creation, digital advertising campaigns, data analysis, web design and development, and custom software applications including voice apps like Alexa Skills and Google Actions.

We Want You!