For any one who ever questions whether B2B service-based companies can generate business off of social media, the answer is in this Case Study. I met Carmen Johnston at VoiceCon by VaynerMedia in 2018. We were both very interested in adding Voice to our business - myself from a service offering perspective for our clients, and Carmen from a brand, content pull-through and eventual monetization stream for her current following. She also aspired to be the first in the gardening category to be on Alexa and Google Assistant.

Before that mission was accomplished in mid-2019, Carmen followed @datadrivendesign on Instagram, and realized that we knew WTF we were doing and that we'd be an amazing partner.

We were, analyzing all the data behind her business, building her a new WordPress website, taking over her social media content creation, SEO, and eventually building two incredibly successful Voice Applications, one for Alexa and another for Google Assistant.

Our new website helped Carmen expand her clientele outside of Central Georgia, which was one of her main goals, and we helped her Instagram following soar past the desired 10k mark to get the Swipe-up to URL capabilities on IG Stories.

However, if we all sat down at a table today and discussed the greatest part of this partnership, I think we'd all agree it was the learning that took place on both sides.

Carmen and her in-house team are now fully empowered to manage their digital presence moving forward, thanks to our teamwork together.



"They have kept my company at the forefront of everything they do and have truly made us feel like their top priority. If you are ready to take your brand to the next level, Data Driven Design will be there every step of the way!"



Increase in Overall Website Traffic
Increase in Overall Website Engagement



These Custom Voice Apps were carefully planned through an extensive Voice User Interface Design Process.

They were developed using Voiceflow, Alexa Presentation Language to play video, and audio to replace the robot voice with recordings of Carmen herself.