For whatever reason, I've been setting up a lot of client accounts on GSuite lately. I say "for whatever reason," because we're a web design and development and digital strategy company that also does social media marketing and paid search on occasion, but very rarely dabbles in email account set-up and IT infrastructure management.

However, we use GSuite as a company, and I've personally set it up and managed it for a dozen or so clients over the years, as well recently done a presentation on all things Google for the Mt. Juliet Chamber of Commerce. (Download the full presentation here).

At this event, I was asked about GSuite for Non-Profits. "Is it free?" was the specific question.

Now, I know about the "Google Grant," and how frustrating and misleading THAT is (more on that here).

But I really didn't know if GSuite itself ($5/month per user normally at it's basic level) is free for Non-Profits.

Okay, let's cut to the chase. After digging, it's NOT free. Non-Profits can "apply" or "enroll" after signing up for GSuite, but it won't get them any cost savings. It will only make them eligible for the Google Grant, and something called the YouTube Non-Profit Program, which allows Non-Profits to place "donation cards," - basically fancy links to donation pages - as overlays on their YouTube videos.

Hmmm. Interesting.

It's not as glamorous or as helpful as Google makes it sound, but at least it's SOMETHING.


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