Hi, I'm Paul Hickey!


I'm a Digital Creator.

I spend about 50% of my work time building WordPress websites for small businesses.

I spend about 50% of my work time running a Sports Card Investment and Content Creation business at NoOffseason.com.

In each of my entrepreneurial endeavors, I believe it's important to create a community. I strive to do this by creating helpful content for my audience (community members) to learn about the topics I'm interested in.

This is why I create content on the following topics:


How To Get More Engagement From Your Facebook Posts | Long Form Blog Hack

By Paul Hickey | July 10, 2017

WATCH READ We tried an experiment recently to see how much extra engagement long from blog posts actually copied and pasted into Facebook posts would get, vs. a simple 1-2 sentence intro and a link to the blog post. The results are pretty interesting. Essentially, we found that when you write an entire blog post…

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Google Adwords: First Position Bid vs. First Page Bid

By Paul Hickey | July 10, 2017

WATCH READ We manage Google Adwords Accounts for a few dozen active clients, with monthly budgets ranging from $500 / month to $35,000 / month. The way Google Adwords works is on a daily budget basis. Each campaign has it’s own daily budget, which, when exhausted, causes clients ads to stop showing for the day.…

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Three Crucial Mistakes Everyone Makes In Bing Ads

By Paul Hickey | July 7, 2017

WATCH READ Recently, we took over a client’s Google Adwords Account and Bing Ads Account and did our typical Google Analytics deep dive to figure out where immediate optimization could occur to trigger short term wins and ROI. This client in particular is straight up eCommerce, selling direct to consumer on the Magento platform. One…

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Podcast Episode 3: WNBA Legend Barbara Farris

By Paul Hickey | June 22, 2017

If you’re able to make it through the first 4-5 minutes of this podcast (some audio issues with Anchor on the phone call recording), it’s a true gem. I talk to WNBA Legend Barbara Farris, who I know from my time as Director of Public Relations for the Detroit Shock of the WNBA. Listen  …

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