So, you've enabled Demographics and Interest Reports in Google Analytics by clicking that little blue button, but you've waited several days and haven't seen ANY DATA? Boooo! No, seriously, FIX IT.

I was in a meeting the other day and a new client told me they enabled demographics and interest reports, but had not seen data for several months.

I immediately went and checked this out, and sure enough - no data.

The reason why was because someone along the way had turned off Remarketing and Advertising Features. This can be found under "Property > Data Collection."

Turning them back on and saving fixed the problem...

The next day, WE HAD DATA!!!!!!!!

Because you cannot retroactively get your data that you miss, please, please, please enable Demographics and Interest Reports right away, then check the next day to confirm data is being gathered in the platform. If not, enable remarketing and advertising features then check again 24 hours later. You should be good to go.

Also, watch this video. It's super easy.

Thanks for reading / watching - and have a great day!

Paul Hickey has created and grown businesses via digital strategy and internet marketing for more than 10 years. His sweet spot is using analytics to design and build websites and grow the audience and revenue of businesses via SEO/Blogging, Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook and Instagram Ads, Social Media Content Marketing and Email Marketing. The part that he’s most passionate about is quantifying next marketing actions based on real data.

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