Justin Goff

Web Developer

Arguably one of the biggest geeks at Data Driven Design, Justin built his first computer at the age of 13. With his interest in computers and all things tech, he spent most of his career in IT related roles, serving customers and solving the worlds most sophisticated computer problems Remember when half the U.S. lost internet connectivity in 2014 for over 3 months due to a data center hub being hacked?… no?

That’s because it never happened, thanks to Justin.

Fast forward to today, you will find Justin coding websites and utilizing his nerd powers to solve sophisticated problems for Data Driven Design.

When Justin isn’t working, he is practicing being a new dad to his son Oliver (who is now 7 months old) and a loving husband to his wife Emily. Justin and Emily will be celebrating 6 years of marriage this year!

Justin’s interests are: all things super hero movies, playing guitar/piano, working on his truck and tinkering with computers and other gadgets for fun.