Data Driven Daily Tip - August 18, 2017: If you've used Facebook this year (come on, the data shows me you all have - you can't deny it), chances are you've seen an ad for a website you've visited recently, or even have seen that add feature products you actually put in your shopping card before you decided not to buy and abandoned it.

Yep, Nike or Victoria's Secret or whoever you were about to buy from had a tracking pixel from Facebook on their website and added you to a "Custom Audience" off of that pixel to run "remarketing campaigns" to.

Now, you don't need to have a Nike or Victoria's Secret sized budget to do this. In fact, we can do it for you for just a few hundred dollars. Or, teach you how to do it for about $150.

In Facebook Business Manager / Ads Manager, you can use the tracking pixel to create custom audiences like "anyone who has visited my website in the last 30 days, 60 days, 90 days," "anyone who has added an item to their cart," "anyone who has checked out," "anyone who has viewed a specific URL" and more.

Additionally, you can expand the reach by creating "lookalike" audiences off of these custom audiences. This means that Facebook uses its data to find people who look like those who are purchasing on your website.

Check the video for more.

Paul Hickey has created and grown businesses via digital strategy and internet marketing for more than 10 years. His sweet spot is using analytics to design and build websites and grow the audience and revenue of businesses via SEO/Blogging, Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook and Instagram Ads, Social Media Content Marketing and Email Marketing. The part that he’s most passionate about is quantifying next marketing actions based on real data.

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