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Software Development Services

We are custom software developers for hire. Let’s build your business together.

Custom Software starts with a vision for creating something that doesn’t exist anywhere “out of the box.”

It can be something super simple, like a way to make your business’ particular back-office communication, accounting and fulfillment flow better.

These types of improvements to your process can save valuable time, make things more accurate, and be worth the up front investment for years to come.

It can also get more complex, building on top of that vision, to include customer facing engagements, such as gamification, eCommerce, freemium models and more.

From custom fantasy sports games to sales training software, all custom development should start with an MVP (minimum viable product), and have a clear “features and functionality” document to get things kicked off.

Our Custom Software Development Services include strategic planning, data-driven user experience and user interface wireframing and design, as well as coding and programming, testing and Q/A (quality assurance), deployment, ongoing hosting and management.

Realize before starting, Custom Software is usually a pretty big long term investment. Picking the wrong partner up front can be super costly in the long run. You want a team that not only knows what the heck they’re doing, but that is fun and easy to work with. We come with strategy, project management and execution, but also with smiles and personality.

Need Coding Help?

  • We Are Full Stack App Developers - All Coding Languages

    PHP Development
    JavaScript Development
    JQuery Development
    Python Development
    Java Development
    Ruby Development
    C# Development
    C++ Development Development
    Alexa Skills Kit

  • Standalone Development Project Work

    To make your business vision come to life, we can work on a fixed fee project basis, where we help you with everything, soup-to-nuts, from UI/UX design and planning, to functional requirements execution, sprint planning and project management, coding and Q/A testing, to production deployment and feature additions.

  • Along Side Your In-House Team

    Let’s be honest, even if you have full-time, in-house coders, they need help. You’re adding features, in need of testing, deployment and hosting support. We can help. Request a free consultation here to talk shop about how we can support your team on an as-needed basis.

  • Hosting Stack Experience

    We can support any hosting stack environment or database situation from Ubuntu to Microsoft based platforms. We’ve worked with all third party hosting services from Digital Ocean and AWS to Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud and even Rackspace. 🙂

    And let’s not overlook or forget the email hosting services that your application will need, like Mailgun or Mandrill, or even Mailtrap.

    Last, but not least, source control is important, so whether it’s GitHub or Bitbucket, we’re all in with you to merge branches and collaborate, or simply keep the source of truth in tact for safe keeping.


The best coders understand how to give the user what they want, and use data to drive decisions. The best way of doing this is starting with what’s called a Minimum Viable Product or “MVP.”

Basically, a MVP is a way of getting a beta version of your software application to a test group of users first, before dumping tens of thousands of dollars into your product. After it is used by many, you get feedback, then decide what features and functionality to you need to add next. You wash, rinse and repeat. For more on this, listen to this podcast on building an MVP.