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The WordPress Show: How to Create a “COPY URL TO CLIPBOARD” link in WordPress

WATCH READ I found it hard to find HTML code to create a “Copy URL To Clipboard” button in WordPress that matched my button styles. But thanks to​ – I found it. This video shows how I did it. <button>Copy Link</button> <script> function copyToClipboard(text) { var inputc = document.body.appendChild(document.createElement(“input”)); inputc.value = window.location.href; inputc.focus();;…
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Google Analytics User Flow Overview

WATCH READ Yep, I’m still posting some videos from a speaking appearance I did back in 2017. Why? Because Google Analytics User Flow is still relevant. Many small business owners have had Google Analytics installed on their websites for years (far before the new GA4 launched). If you fall into this category, watch this video…
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The Best SEO Tip Ever!

WATCH READ In this short, three minute video, I reveal the best SEO Tip ever! It’s not super complicated. You just need to have your site verified with Google Search Console first. More on that here. Then, you need to log into Google with the account you verified your site with, and make a search…
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How To Use Bounce Rate Data To Design Your Web User Experience

WATCH READ In this video, I’m speaking to Vanderbilt University’s Masters of Marketing Class about web design and digital marketing. I am a big believer in using Bounce Rate to drive design decisions on your website. I explain my methodology.
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Data Driven Design: Who We Are & What We Do

WATCH READ This video, which features audio from a guest appearance I made on Voiceflow’s podcast almost two years ago, tells the story of who Data Driven Design is and what we do. However, this is pre-pandemic, and the world changed shortly after this interview.
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How To Run Google Ads To Multiple Audiences

WATCH READ Running Google Ads to multiple audiences is important to your business. In this video I talk further about reasons why businesses should consider doing this, and how it can be done.
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