Joe Wallace


In 1998, Joe coded his first web site; in 1999, he programmed his first robot. The robot was more interesting, so Joe pursued a degree in Computer Engineering, which includes aspects of Electrical Engineering paired with Computer Science, at Vanderbilt University.

After college, Joe worked for a Department of Defense contractor in Huntsville, AL. Surely, this would involve lots of highly skilled, high tech robots! Alas, it happens that large swaths of the Department of Defense operate on decades-old software, which is particularly unsexy for a young developer.

Meanwhile, the beck and call of the Internet was growing stronger. Joe & his family moved back to Nashville to work on web applications as a contractor & consultant, absorbing as much as possible about building out software projects. Eventually, he leveraged that experience to work deeply on software product companies – helping to modernize their stacks, grow their teams, refactor their legacy applications, and expand their business capabilities.

All that time, though, it wasn’t the robots or the Internet that Joe was in love with. It was using technology to grow businesses & products; it was giving entrepreneurs and companies the tools that they needed to achieve their goals. And that’s why Joe is at Data Driven Design now: to bring maximum value to our clients through software.

On a personal level, Joe still calls Nashville “home”; however, he currently lives in a motorhome with his wife & 3 kids, all of whom enjoy visiting our national and state parks, local libraries, and everything else that America has to offer.