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It’s easy for small businesses and even midsize level companies to overlook the power of consistently creating and publishing stories and posts on Instagram on a consistent basis (like daily).

In fact, it’s pretty bad just how many businesses may or may not know if they even have an Instagram profile.

The proof is in the data: Businesses who post daily on Instagram get three times the amount of web traffic than businesses who do not post on Instagram daily.

Our services are pretty specialized and customized in this area. For more information on how we can help you build business off of your Instagram strategy, such as content creation, story creation and publishing, story swipe-up ads (link to blog post here), and eCommerce integration with Facebook and Shopify (so you can post shopping posts that users can click to buy your items right off of Instagram), click here for a free consultation.

But remember, you don’t have to be an eCommerce business to benefit from Instagram. B2B companies like us and our clients are getting business from our Instagram presence.

For more information on our Instagram Business Marketing services, book a free consultation with us here.


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