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Small Business Social Media Support Services

The data shows that the more frequently your business posts on social media, the more qualified web traffic you generate. That’s right, basically, it’s as easy as increasing your post frequency from 1 post per week to 3 per day, and you’ll 16x your web traffic, which will drastically increase your chances of generating new business.

Don’t believe us? That’s fine, the proof is in the data.

We cannot stress enough how important and valuable it is to post at least daily on each of your social channels. As difficult of a change as it can be, it is still the cheapest and easiest way to drive traffic, sales, and build an audience. Below we have some data to show you how it impacts different channels and how to think about regular posting. So aim for at least daily and up to 2X per day.

We want to give you strategic support, as an extension of your team. But we can’t do it all. We realize you need the help, the push, like a coach or personal fitness trainer, to give you the knowledge, the plan, and even do some of the baseline execution for you.

But for your business to truly reap the rewards of social media marketing, you have to become the owner, and drive the process just as much as we do.

Our social media package is a true partnership. We will ensure you have consistent posts, that are geared towards your target audience, well-written, tastefully designed, and posted at peak times on up to three social media outlets for the following pricing:


Monthly Ongoing

  • Content Strategy

    We build you a data driven monthly content calendar for three social media outlets (example: Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn)

  • Execution

    We create and schedule 12 posts per month (three per week) for you

  • Reporting and Collaboration

    We meet monthly for two hours and refine data driven approach, bringing insights to the table for you, and showing you the results of our efforts as a team

For custom packages that include more frequent posting on more platforms, as well as running comprehensive Facebook Ads and Boosting Posts, or Instagram Swipe-Up Ads, LinkedIn Ads and Google Ads, YouTube Ads and more, book a consultation with us.