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Don’t Get Tricked By Shady SEO Companies

Many SEO companies pull the wool over your eyes and make promises they can’t keep. Some even are dishonest about the results they’re helping you achieve or where your site has ranked in the past.

We focus on a core set of principles at Data Driven Design, and one of them is that we do what we said we were going to do. In order to do this, we don’t make promises we can’t keep.

This helps us service our top clients, Small Businesses and Mid-Size Level Companies.


We focus on what we can control. Which is the following…

  • Ensuring your website has all critical SEO best practices implemented

  • Making sure your website and all of its web pages has been properly submitted to Google

  • That Google sees and indexes your website, shows us true crawl and ranking data for all pages and keywords

  • And most importantly, what improvements can be made to your site to help it rank higher

  • And yes, we help you implement those recommendations

While blogging and consistent content creation are the best things you can do for SEO (because they essentially give real users and Google a reason to keep coming back to your site), our SEO Best Practices Checklist is a very practical way to get started improving your search engine visibility and ultimately, ranking.


How We Help You With SEO Specifically


How We Help You With SEO Specifically

What is Yoast SEO? It’s far and away the number one most used WordPress plug-in used to optimize Search Engine Titles, Meta Descriptions and search engine readability for WordPress websites.

The proof is in the data (show visual / graph / chart of Yoast usage vs. other)

The best thing about Yoast, is that the free version does most of what all websites need it to do…

  1. Yoast SEO inserts a slot to include the search engine title and meta description on each page, post and custom post type of all WordPress sites
  2. Yoast also includes a spot to include a focus keyword that “scores” how well the content is written on each page, and how well that content corresponds with the search engine title and meta description that has been entered.
  3. It also shows a preview of what the user will see when the results appear on Google or Bing for each page. Along with this section, Yoast SEO shows you the character count that is appropriate for each section.
  4. Additionally, a really cool feature of Yoast is that you can toggle to change the featured image and preview text that will show on Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets when you embed links on posts.

So if anyone can download and use Yoast SEO for free in their WordPress Websites, why do we specialize in using Yoast, why do we tell you it’s free and that you can do it yourself – and why do we charge you for it?

In other words, why do you need us?

Well, if you’re the type of person that wants to …

  1. Cut your own hair
  2. Change your own oil in your vehicles
  3. Fix your own HVAC unit every time it breaks …

Then you may not ever need us, and we’re happy to provide our free DIY content on our blog for you, but the data shows that 97 out of every 100 WordPress websites we analyze, either don’t have Yoast or any kind of SEO plug-in installed, or they have it installed but do not have it filled out properly.

We use data to understand which keywords make the most sense to be the focus of each page, post and custom post type, and we fill out the Search Engine Titles, Meta Descriptions and Focus Keywords on each page to optimize your Yoast SEO score and put your business’ best foot forward to Google.

In other words, you can by a set of clippers, some box dye, spend less money and more time trying to get it right, or you can come straight to the professionals who optimize things for you for the best possible experience in a cost effective way.

We will work with you on optimizing Yoast SEO on your current WordPress website, AND anyone who redesigns their website with us, ALWAYS gets the full Yoast SEO treatment, guaranteed.


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How We Help You With SEO Specifically

What on earth is Schema Structured Data? It sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, right?

Being the super geeks we are at Data Driven Design, we landed upon Schema Structured Data back in 2012 as a key differentiator between sites that rank high on Google, and those that don’t.

Structured Data is a categorization system that allows Google to see what kind of site yours is. For example, is it a …

  • Local Business with one location
  • Local Business with multiple locations
  • Regional Business with multiple locations
  • National or International Brand
  • Publisher
  • eCommerce store

In addition, within each top level category, it allows the website content manager to publish a core set of information, some as simple as phone number and address, all the way up to price and description of a product, to the title, topic and author of a blog post.

It’s similar but different to meta data and search engine titles. It’s just as important, but it gives the search engines more context, and for that extra effort, sites with Schema Structured Data are typically rewarded with higher rankings than those that don’t include it.

Similar to YOAST SEO, we use a special premium plug-in that we have a developers license for, in order to efficiently and effectively implement Schema Structured data on all of your pages, posts and custom post types.

As part of our SEO Best Practices Checklist Implementation, we will work with you on optimizing Schema Structured Data on your current WordPress website, AND anyone who redesigns their website with us, ALWAYS gets the full Schema treatment, guaranteed.


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How We Help You With SEO Specifically

What the heck is Google Search Console? It sounds important, right?

Believe me, it is.

Formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools, Google Search Console is the most under-utilized free tool for SEO on the face of the planet. Don’t believe me, the proof is in the data. Less than 1% of websites we’ve audited (that aren’t our clients) have even verified themselves with Google Search Console.

This is why we can confidently say you’re better off working with us than your current web developer or SEO provider.

Google Search Console does several things…

  1. Links to your website (called verification) so that Google can see it
  2. Allows you to submit a sitemap and complete URL inspections so that Google crawls it and indexes it
  3. Provides reports on actual search engine visibility and ranking
  4. But perhaps more important than anything else, Google Search Console notifies you of ways to improve your website for better SEO

While all of our website redesign clients get verified with Search Console and have sitemaps and crawl requests submitted, we offer a la carte services in our SEO package (link to pricing grid) to work on this for you even if we didn’t design / develop your website.

I like to describe Google Search Console as a friendly elementary school teacher. Let’s say second grade teacher. Everyone’s second grade teacher was friendly, right? He or she came around and helped you with all of your work to make sure you understood it, improved, and excelled to the maximum of your capabilities.

(Thanks Mrs. Johnson).

So it’s time to smile and use Google Search Console. ☺

As you can see (look to the right – or below on mobile) – we’ve blogged A LOT about Google Search Console.


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How We Help You With SEO Specifically

Have you heard of Local SEO?

Have you heard of Google My Business?

If your answer to number one was “yes,” but your answer to number two was “no,” then basically that’s the equivalent of knowing about tissue but not Kleenex. Seriously.

Okay, well, at least knowing about running shoes but not Nike.

Got it?

Basically, if you don’t have a VERIFIED Google My Business listing, and you don’t post regularly on your Google My Business page, along with making sure that all of your business information is up-to-date on that page, you are missing out serious low-hanging fruit opportunities to improve your Local SEO.

But my business isn’t local, it’s eCommerce, National, International, and nobody would walk into our office other than our employees.

How does Google My Business help me in this case?

Look, I know it seems weird, but the proof is in the data. Businesses (even if they don’t have storefronts), that don’t pay attention to Local SEO efforts like Google My Business verification, suffer huge in SEO.

Why is Google My Business important to ALL Businesses?

Even if you don’t have storefronts, Google looks for consistency in all business listings. During the history of the internet, many web scrapers have been used to create false business directories that show incorrect information (on purpose) about your business.

Google, however, looks for a source of truth. What do you think Google’s Business information source of truth is? Yep, Google My Business.

If you haven’t verified your listing and ensured your information is correct, then you are essentially telling Google you’re not a reliable business. This will negatively affect your Google ranking over time.

Lastly, and maybe most obviously, when you Google the name of a business and include it’s location, on most desktop and mobile searches, the Google My Business listing (verified or not) gets the most real estate in the results.

Verifying and optimizing your listing(s) ensure your brand is properly represented on search engine results. (and you want this, because the data shows that 65% of all website traffic is generated from Organic Search – and 97% of all of those searches come from Google).


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Monthly Ongoing

  • Ensure all search engine page titles, meta data and schema structured data are in place on all of your site’s pages and posts.

  • Create XML sitemap and submit to Google and Bing

  • Submit crawl and fetch requests to Google and Bing

  • Report monthly on search engine visibility and search engine ranking for all keywords

  • Monitor SEO improvements that Google suggests via Google Search Console, make suggested improvements and resubmit to Google

  • Ensure Google My Business Listing(s) are verified and completed with correct information