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we use data to drive results.

When we first started Data Driven Design in 2016, many of the top agencies from around the United States were outsourcing the following services to us. The reality is, they know the value of them, but they don’t know how to use them, so they hired us.

This is a microcosm of all businesses. Savvy marketers and Small Business Owners (who we believe are JUST like CMOs but don’t have the time to be CMOs) need these services, and they need a team like ours to not just throw numbers and statistics at them, but to use data to drive results.



a free tool that tells us a core group of four things at a basic level:





Google Analytics also can be customized to be an amazing business intelligence dashboard.

We can help you implement eCommerce tracking, Goal Completions, Custom Events, and attribute them to their proper referral source.

This means that we can tell you exactly what keyword drove a conversion and how much you paid for it, as well as how much you grossed from it. This can be done for both eCommerce sites as well as non-eCommerce sites.

This is impressive, we know, but it’s just a minuscule amount of what Google Analytics can do for your business.

For a FREE Google Analytics Analysis, click here.


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a visualization of clicks and scrolls on your website.

HEATMAPPING gives us a visualization of what your website visitors actually do when they get to your website. We are able to synthesize this data into simple action items to improve your website’s engagement rate and conversion rate.

  • Where do visitors click?
  • Where do they ignore?
  • Where do they scroll to and stop?


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a way to track any action you want on your website, without coding.

Need help with your Tag management? If you oversee a team of analysts at a large, successful digital agency, reach out, we can help you.

Our team of Sr. Level experts has supported large agencies for years, ensuring their game is tight as it relates to enterprise level clients and conversion tracking.

Google Tag Manager is an amazingly powerful tool that allows marketers to create conversions on websites and track them in order to provide data driven insights that drive real business results for clients.

But the best part is, once the Tag Manager code is installed one time on web properties, marketers can do all of the above and more WITHOUT CODING, and without needing their client, IT department, or developers to do anything else.

Digital marketers, let’s like up a time here to talk about how we can help you with GOOGLE TAG MANAGER strategy and implementation.


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an amazingly powerful A/B Testing tool.

Have you ever heard the phrase A/B Testing? It’s literally serving up two different versions of one or more pieces of content on your website to half of your audience, to see which converts better.

For example, take button color. Joe likes the current green button on, but Sally thinks orange would be better.

This stuff happens people. Both people want to be right, they want their way to win, and feelings get involved. Opinions = Hurt Feelings.

Hurt Feelings = Bad for Business.

Using an A/B Testing Tool like Google Optimize, Optimizely, Hotjar, Crazy Egg or Visual Website Optimizer (VWO), can determine which color actually engages or converts traffic at a higher rate.

By now you know how much we believe in the power of data.

It not only helps businesses make effective decisions related to marketing, media budget and time management, thus helping them grow their top line revenue and increase profits…

…but it also can improve culture, relationships and overall productivity.

A second example, take a good ole opinion on what a headline should say on a website.

If your employees have spent even one second debating any of this, they’ve wasted valuable time.

When it comes to this stuff, the answer, my friends, is ALWAYS an A/B Test.

Websites are not print pieces. They need to be tested and evolve according to what option is driving the best results based on the data.

Stop beating each other up over something that can be tested so easily with a winner determined based on website engagement data.


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a free, fun data visualization tool.

Google Data Studio is an amazing data visualization tool. We use it to take Google Analytics data and create amazing interactive reporting dashboards for our clients.

As a web design or digital marketing client of Data Driven Design, you’ll receive three free months digital strategy consulting that include reports made with Google Data Studio.

Do you work for a large digital agency and need help building visually pleasing reports from your web data?

We can help you execute using Google Data Studio. Click here to line up a time to talk.


likely the most powerful digital marketing tool on the planet right now.

What is the Facebook Pixel?

A snippet of code you embed on your website that tracks who visits your pages, what actions they take on your website, and allows you to run marketing campaigns back to them, segments of them, or people who “look like them.”

Ads that can have personalized content and appear on Facebook’s news feed, Instagram, Instagram Stories, mobile applications and more.

Why should you have the Facebook Pixel installed even if you’re not doing any Facebook Advertising?

In the event you ever want to run an advertisement or boost a post to a particular group or segment of people that are particularly interested in engaging with your services or buying a product from you, you should be gathering this data.

Even if you never run the ad, you can see in Facebook Ads Manager how your audience is growing and the opportunity to reach them, grow your business, and even estimate the cost associated with it.

How many times have you, as a business owner or marketer, tried to estimate the cost associated with a particular advertising campaign and the expected ROAS (return on ad spend) / return on investment?

Stop guessing. Install the pixel. Use Facebook Ads Manager.

Actually, even better – talk to us about it by filling out this form or clicking here.

Click here to line up a time to talk.


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similar, but less sophisticated than the Facebook Pixel.

The LinkedIn Pixel is similar, but far less sophisticated, than the Facebook Pixel. However, if you’re ever interested in running any kind of ads on LinkedIn, it’s really stupid not to create and install the LinkedIn Pixel on your website.

Click here to line up a time to talk about the LinkedIn Pixel.


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a must for any digital ad campaign.

Are your Google Ads campaigns able to retarget / remarket to specific audience segments that have seen your ad, interacted with your ad, visited your website or performed a specific action on your website that qualifies them as someone you should serve up another, more customized / personalized ad too?

The proof is in the data:

Prospective customers need to see brands 3-6 times online before making a purchasing decision and converting.

All of the pixels mentioned here are critical in driving real results and conversions from your ad campaigns.


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Ah, let’s talk about this. Real talk for a second. We all love the idea of “business intelligence,” right?

But how often are we actually taking the time to look at the data, understand what it means, and use it to implement our next action items to drive business results?

The proof is in the data: 95% of small businesses and marketers say they’ll never log into Google Analytics, but they’d Ask Alexa about it.

This is why we built “Ask Data Driven Design,” the first Voice-Based Business Intelligence Dashboard.

Save Time. Have a Frictionless Experience. Just ask Alexa How Your Web Traffic is doing.

Not only do all of our website clients get access to Ask Data Driven Design for free, along with an Amazon Echo Dot to have on their desks, but we are building releases consistently to add features such as eCommerce and Goal Tracking, keyword search data, foot traffic and map action data, and more.

If you would like help in any of these areas, please book a time to talk with us by filling out this form or clicking here.