Building Your Career: How To Do What You Love – Summit High School Keynote

Paul Hickey and Kate Hickey

Loving your work is this dreamy statement that comes across as something very easy to achieve. The reality is that “loving what you do,” is not absolute, nor is it constant. It’s ever-changing. I recently had the opportunity to talk to about 100 high school students in Spring Hill, TN with my beautiful wife Kate. Some were interested in marketing, others interested in what the heck we do and how we got to where we are in our careers, and some just happy to tune us out and not pay attention in class for an hour. One of the main things we hit on in our talk is saying yes to opportunity that comes your way. Don’t be a “no person.” Don’t be an excuse person. Saying “yes” to different types of work opportunities is always a good idea. In this video, I talk about saying yes to cleaning out media guides in a closet during an internship, and how that led me down a path of doing what I love.